Kim is the founder and practising nutritionist of Kl Nutrition
She is a caring and empathetic Clinical nutritionist who creates a relaxed and non-judgmental environment for her clients.
Consults are eligible for private health rebates, depending on your provider and policy.

Growing up with gut issues, Kim has a greater understanding of the impact of poor health on someone’s overall wellbeing and how many aspects, such as diet, lifestyle and environment, all contribute.

Kim is passionate about educating and empowering clients about health, nutrition and how all body systems, along with genetics and environmental factors, are connected and impact each other and someone’s overall health.

Kim can assist with a wide range of health complaints and areas, including:
Metabolic Syndrome,
Healthy Weight,
Gut Health,
Food choices and nutritional advice.

Kim is committed to working with you to assist you in reaching your goals.

Get in touch or make a booking, to start your health journey with a qualified nutritionist today.